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3 Fearless Questions

Created and produced by students of The BrandLab, this podcast series is our chance to ask creative leaders for their answers and insights to our 3 Fearless Questions.

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Sonya Roberts September 2017

Formerly at ConocoPhillips and now the president of Cargill Proteins, Sonya Roberts manages growth, new ventures, and strategic pricing. Sonya has years of experience working in marketing and is a board member of The Brand Lab. In Sonya’s interview she shares with us the experience of being a minority as a child and a time she felt excluded in the workforce.

Lili Hall September 2017

Lilli Hall is the president and CEO of KNOCK, a creative agency she found in 2001. Hall has served on the board of directors at The Enterprising Women Advisory Board, Juxtaposition Arts, and Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis and St. Paul. In Lili’s interview she tells us about adapting to new cultures and the diversity within KNOCK.

Robert Clifton Jr. August 2017

The BrandLab’s 3 Fearless Questions converses with Robert Clifton Jr., chief creative officer of the agency Ten35 and co-founder of the consortium Contender. Clifton discusses his experience with discrimination in the workplace and in society, and he explains how people with different backgrounds and thoughts bring unique points of view to the table.

Alex Steinman August 2017

The BrandLab’s 3 Fearless Questions chats with Alex Steinman. Currently, Steinman is the senior communications advisor for Betsy Hodges’ mayoral campaign, the president of MPLS MadWomen, and blogger behind Strong Like Mama.

In this podcast, Steinman reflects on how diversity impacted her childhood as she grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and compares her childhood experiences with her time as a professional working in advertising.

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