Workshops & Consultancy

Tapping into lived experiences can help your organization stay relevant. We empower organizations to engage in open and honest dialogue about race that raises consciousness and increase marketers ability to connect with their audiences. We believe that words and honest conversation lead to action.

Our Fearless Consultancy supports you to create a culture where everyone on your team is able to thrive. This final step on The BrandLab journey is critical to our collective success. 

Today we offer ongoing consulting, geared specifically towards the work and the workplace. We want to help you reach your diversity and inclusion goals. We will work with you to define where you want to go and how you might get there.  Contact Ellen Walthour,, to schedule a meeting about how The BrandLab can help.

A Fearless Conversation about Stereotypes (in partnership with Penumbra Theater)

The BrandLab’s 3 Fearless Questions

Unpacking Blind Spots in the Creative Process

Coaching Clients to be Bold

Understanding Microagressions


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