Denasia Hamilton

Hi! My name is Denasia Hamilton, and I live in Minneapolis, MN. In May of 2021, I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in Strategic Communication - Advertising & Public Relations. I am passionate about culture, digital media, innovation, and understanding the human experience. Connecting and building genuine relationships with people reminds me that my POV is just one of 7.7+ billion. I am always eager to learn more about how others exist and navigate the world. As a creative and strategist, I enjoy problem-solving, planning, and bringing big ideas to life in an engaging and unique way. I'm not afraid to challenge myself and dig deeper into the why and how of things; if anything, that part of my creative process exhilarates me. I am strongly committed to cross-team collaboration and thinking strategically to produce creative solutions for brands. I am self-aware, proactive, detail-oriented, and can quickly adapt to any situation.

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