Fearless Donor Club

The BrandLab's work is not possible without the support of individuals who share their time, talent, and treasure. We are deeply grateful for the leadership donations from the members of our Fearless Donor Club.

Thank you to the members of our Fearless Donor Club who make an annual contribution to The BrandLab of $500 or more.

Alfredo Martel

Amy Von Walter

Ann Simonds

Barry Westrum

Barry Wolfish

Brenna Smithson

Brian Gioielli

Brian Lawrence

Christian Erickson

Christine Fruechte

Dion Hughes

Ellen Walthour

Elliot Payne

Eric Erickson

Erik Voge

Gary Johnson

Janey Winterbauer

Jennifer Bastian

John Arnold

Jorg Pierach

Katerine Dalager

Katie Arnold

Kevin & Cathy DiLorenzo

Leah Lawrence

Lili Hall

Lisa Hannum

Lonnie McQuirter

Mark Addicks & Tom Hoch

Mark Derks

Martha Campbell

Melinda Batz

Michael Caguin

Mike Lescarbeau

        Neil White

        Peter Abein

        Raquel Melo

        Richard Butwinick

        Rosalind Chevreuil

        Sean Irwin

        Sonya Roberts

        Spiwe Jefferson

        Steve Wehrenberg

        Sue Kruskopf

        Taylor Harris

        Tina Sherman


*This list includes donors who have made a contribution within The BrandLab’s current fiscal year of July 2017 – June 2018. Additional donor listings can be found at www.thebrandlabannualreport.org.

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