Alejandra Marroquin

My name is Alejandra Marroquin. I am 22 years old.
I graduated from Columbia College Chicago this past May with a degree in Social Media and Digital Strategies. Most of the experience I have gained has come from my interest in being a fan of celebrities. At a young age, I had fan accounts on Facebook and Twitter. I have always been interested in that one- on-one connection a fan has with their idol. I have interned and worked at many places that had let me use my passion and turn it into an actual job. It’s crazy to think that what I loved to do at age 8 is now my forever passion at age 22. I am hoping to get more experience working for bigger-name brands. I believe The BrandLab has helped me exceed that by letting me work at two companies with such different roles. My overall goal would be to be a part of an influencer team. I would love to work directly with just one big name and help create that notable social media presence and connection I had once as a kid.

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