We are your partner in building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Partnership can look a lot of different ways with The BrandLab, from hosting a field trip, to hiring our interns, to hosting Fearless workshops. It takes a village of partner high schools, corporations, and agencies to break down barriers for the next generation of marketing talent. Join ours!

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Fearlessly breaking down barriers at all levels.

We not only introduce the idea of a creative career to students, we partner with the very industry they hope to end up in. Our Fearless program works to ensure that the talent we discover in our Spark and Internship program are not only able to secure their first professional job, but that they will want to stay in that job. We do this by addressing systemic bias within the industry through workshops and action plans.

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Our State of the Industry Report

We envision a marketing and advertising community that reflects the rapidly changing national demographics. Our biannual State of the Industry study tracks the impact of our work. Is your marketing organization a part of our study? (Currently only open to Twin Cities and Kansas City organizations)

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Reaching new places with Breaking Boundaries

Interested in helping us scale our program nationally or bringing The BrandLab movement to your city? Our Breaking Boundaries campaign launched in early 2020 and has an ambitious goal to reach 3 new markets within 3 years.

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Bringing the classroom to the industry

You can’t ask for a job that you don’t know exists, which is why The BrandLab introduces high school students to the world of marketing. Our innovative Spark Workshops bring the industry to the classroom, and by hosting a field trip, brings the classroom to the industry. Field trips are where we see the spark ignite - the idea of a creative career becomes a real possibility. (Currently only available in the Twin Cities and Kansas City)

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Help kickstart a student’s career

By hosting a BrandLab summer interns, you are helping launch students' paths into marketing. Our summer interns are anywhere from Juniors in high school to Juniors in college and are eager to pursue a path into the field. The BrandLab staff provides training, professional development and mentorship. (Currently only available in the Twin Cities and Kansas City)

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Close your talent gaps by hiring our alumni

We have an impressive pool of alumni--most of which started their marketing journey while still in high school. If your company is hungry for diverse perspectives and fresh talent, look no further than The BrandLab. By posting your job publically on our job board, you are breaking a barrier of ‘network-hiring’.

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Explore company culture through Fearless Workshops

Marketers are in a unique position of power and influence. It’s imperative that the industry includes authentic voices at the table to connect with diverse communities. Our Fearless Workshops are designed to help your organization do just that.

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We believe that creativity is an equal opportunity employer.


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