We host Fearless Workshops to help strengthen diversity and inclusion at companies.

Inclusive teams produce better work and marketers are in a unique position of power and influence. It’s imperative that the industry includes authentic voices at the table to connect with diverse communities. Our Fearless Workshops are designed to help individual organizations do just that.


TBL 2022 COVID Protocol for Fearless Workshops (as of Jan 2022)

The BrandLab is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff, students, and partners in response to the COVID pandemic. Currently, 2022 Fearless programming will continue to be offered as virtual workshops. In-person workshops are being considered if organizations can attest to participants being fully vaccinated and following CDC masking guideline recommendations. Hybrid workshops are not offered due to the importance of connection and consistent engagement of all participants in workshop experiences.

We bring Fearless Conversation Workshops into the workplace.

3 Fearless Questions

Join a Fearless Conversation about race, identity, and inclusion. By bringing together your team to answer The BrandLab’s Three Fearless Questions, you will gain awareness of how lived experiences can shape perception and how workplace culture might place barriers on inclusivity. Our 3FQ session is an empathy-building entry point into making uncomfortable topics comfortable.

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Words Matter: Intent vs. Impact

The BrandLab will guide a Fearless Conversation about the power of words. Facilitators welcome participants into a safe space to share individuals’ identities and experiences. Together, we will grow our empathy by uncovering the difference between intent vs impact of our words. We will explore unconscious bias, how they show up in the workplace, and how they impact marginalized communities. Attendees will then practice addressing biases in the workplace and walk away with tools to help create an inclusive and safe culture in the workplace..

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Uncovering and Understanding Privilege

The word ‘privilege’ can have many negative connotations, but what is it actually and why does it matter in the workplace? Come engage in a workshop led by The BrandLab to uncover our privileges through different activities. We will then reflect on how we can utilize privilege to better our work and better support others. This workshop is intended to build upon previous The BrandLab workshops and will help participants continue to enhance their understanding of identity and becoming comfortable with discomfort.

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Unpacking Creative Blind Spots

Designed for creatives, participants will dive into a Fearless Conversation around the work we produce. Marketing to diverse audiences and backgrounds, while well-intentioned, can lead to missed opportunities or even destroy a brand’s relationship with the consumer if done without recognizing our own biases. Be ready to challenge assumptions and dig deep to authentically connect with target audiences.

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Coaching Clients to be Bold

The BrandLab will challenge teams to think about their own core values through an equity lens. Teams will take time reflecting on organizational values and unlock the power of aligning their core beliefs with their work. This will set the base to coach their clients to do the same. Experiential and fast-paced, teams analyze case studies that demonstrate the power of always connecting work with purpose. This workshop can be tailored to meet different functions or work for entire teams.

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Muslim-Inclusive Brands

Whether in the workplace or in advertising, the market is demanding more familiarity with diverse groups to be mindful, inclusive and uncompromisingly equitable. In collaboration with The BrandLab, Hanadi Chehabeddine will lead a workshop on the living experiences of Muslims, address stereotypes, and bring a critical analysis to the current media narrative and representation. Which ad got it right and which one fired back?

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