We foster inclusive and equitable workplaces for all talent to thrive

In partnership with the industry, we seek to advance equity in the work, workplace, and workers to create inclusive and diverse workplaces. We support employers in hiring, elevating and valuing people of color and people from low-income backgrounds at every level of employment.

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Advancing our mission takes a village

We believe that our work at The BrandLab is bigger than diversifying the industry, it’s also about creating an inclusive industry. We must ensure that the talent we discover in our Spark, Internship, and Connect Programs are not only able to secure their first professional job in the industry but that they will want to stay and have the opportunity to thrive. Our Fearless team works with The BrandLab partners to   ensure that both the workplace and work produced are culturally competent, inclusive to diverse identities, and equitable. The work to inclusion is on all of us.


2022 Fearless Conference

In our biggest annual event, The BrandLab’s Fearless Conference event brings together professionals to discuss the challenges the marketing industry faces on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Fearless Conference

Fearless Workshops

Inclusive teams produce better work and marketers are in a unique position of power and influence. It’s imperative that the industry includes authentic voices at the table to connect with diverse communities. Our Fearless Workshops are designed to help individual organizations do just that.

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Fearless Podcast

Created and produced by students of The BrandLab, this podcast series is our chance to ask creative leaders for their answers and insights to our 3 Fearless Questions.

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We believe that creativity is an equal opportunity employer.


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