The BrandLab is working to support employers in hiring, retaining and valuing people of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds at every level of employment.

We believe that our work at The BrandLab is bigger than diversifying the industry: it’s also about creating an inclusive industry!

We must ensure that the talent we discover in our Classroom, Internship, and Connect Programs are not only able to secure their first professional job in the industry but that they will want to stay and have the opportunity to thrive!

Fearless works with The BrandLab partners through four areas of programming to ensure that both the workplace and work produced are culturally competent, inclusive to diverse identities, and equitable.

Fearless Consultancy

  • Our Fearless Consultancy supports you to create a culture where everyone on your team is able to thrive. We offer ongoing consulting and workshops geared specifically towards the work and the workplace.

Fearless Conversations

  • Our annual event bringing together industry leaders for an open and honest dialogue about race and bias.

3 Fearless Questions

  • Our podcast is created and produced by students of The BrandLab with support from Carmichael Lynch. We ask creative leaders to be fearless and share their experiences with us.

State of the Industry

  • There is a gap in data between national statistics and those available locally. The BrandLab produces a report biennially with our Fearless partners to measure the current state of the marketing industry in the Twin Cities.

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