If The BrandLab had existed back in the day when I was coming up, it would have made it a whole helluva lot easier to navigate the Nincompoop Forest. God bless the mission of The Brandlab! - Jimmy Smith, Chairman, CEO and CCO of Amusement Park Entertainment

3 Fearless Questions

Created and produced by students of The BrandLab, this podcast series is our chance to ask creative leaders for their answers and insights to our 3 Fearless Questions.

We hope you listen and continue the conversation online with the hashtag #3FQ.

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Special thanks to Carmichael Lynch for their many years of support on this project.

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Michelle Benson October 2018

Today on 3 Fearless Questions our student host GaoZong interviews Michelle Benson, the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at the Minnesota Zoo. The episode features an interesting conversation between Michelle and GaoZong about the consequences of racist stereotypes on young minds and negative effects it has on self image.

Stanley Lumax October 2018

In this episode of 3FQ, student host Kiara interview Stanley Lumax. Stanley is the current Group Director at Translation LLC in New York, where he manages major sport and culture accounts such as the NBA, Champs Sports and Apple Music. Stanley shares his experiences on becoming aware of his own race as a small child and discovering his love for black artists and activists and the impact that had on him. Stanley also shares his insights on why diversity is necessary in the creative industry.

Neal Sharma October 2018

In this episode of 3FQ student host Gabby talks to Neal Sharma on questions of race, exclusion and diversity. Neal is the CEO and Co-Founder of DEG, a full-service digital agency. Listen in as Neal shares engaging personal experiences regarding his awareness of race and why inclusion matters. Neal is a leader in the movement that has launched The BrandLab in Kansas City in 2018.

Eric Quint September 2018

In this episode of 3 Fearless Questions, student host Eriana has the opportunity to interview Chief Design Officer of 3M, Eric Quint. Eric oversees 3M’s global design organization and has been on the cutting edge of innovation and creative collaboration. Eric also serves on The BrandLab’s Board of Directors. Listen to Eric’s interview, where he outlines the importance of diversity of thought in creating solutions that change people’s lives.

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