The BrandLab Fellows

These young professionals are ambitious current and past participants of our first of its kind fellowship program. The ultimate goal of our fellowship program is to bridge the gap between post-secondary education and full-time employment for our talent. We strive to have participants fully prepared for a career in a creative workplace.

Our Fellows might just be the perfect addition to your team. Check them out below!

The BrandLab Fellowship Experience

2022 Target x Colle McVoy x KNOCK

Hussain Ali

Graphic Design Fellow

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Justice Jenkins

Junior Motion Designer, SixSpeed

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Maria Lange

Account Executive, Colle McVoy

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2022 Best Buy x Optum x Wunderman Thompson

Kennedy Pierre-Toussaint

Social Media Manager, The Social Lights

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Anthony Silva

Analyst, Digital Marketing & Measurement, Ovative Group

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Ponpleeya Kotechompoo

Management Fellow

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Najma Abshir

Creative Fellow

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Gloria Makori

Creative Fellow

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Xavier Golden

Analyst, Merchandising & Demand Planning, Best Buy

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Selena Souvannasane

Creative Fellow

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Kenneth Richardson

Creative Fellow

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Donya Robinson

Social Media Associate, Bader Rutter

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Alejandra Marroquin

Communications Coordinator, Erie Neighborhood House

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Bethlehem Teka

Associate Project Manager, Wunderman Thompson

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Raven Tillett

Associate Strategist, tms

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Justice Jenkins

Junior Video Editor, SixSpeed

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2021 LabFellows - Best Buy x Optum x Essence x Wunderman Thompson

Victor Xiong

Hired | Production Artist, Wunderman Thompson


Denasia Hamilton

Hired | Jr. Communication Strategist, Essence


Huyen Nguyen

Hired | Assistant Media Planner, Essence


Aisha Malim

Hired | Assistant Account Executive, Wunderman Thompson


Angel Xiong

Hired | Senior Merchandising Specialist, Target


Jalayna Lockhart

Hired | Junior Art Director, 21GRAMS


Jordyn Odagwe

Hired | Media Planner, Essence


Kadeja Schultheis

Hired | Account Coordinator, Hiebing


Lamah Bility

Hired | Carmichael Lynch


Nala Ford

Hired | Media Planner, Essence


Pa Shia Lee

Hired | Assistant Media Planner, Colle McVoy


Reanna Abriam

Hired | Jr. Communication Strategist, Essence


Rebekah Bendorf

Hired | Jr. Graphic Designer, Pace International


Roberto Del Real Jr

Hired | Marcus Graham Fellow


Zyon Edwards

Hired | Junior Copywriter, Wunderman Thompson