The BrandLab Fellowship

Our Fellowship Program has come to an end. As we strive to provide excellent experiences to our partners and participants, we had to make some hard choices. After simplifying our organization, we identified the Fellowship program although important didn't align with our new simplification model.

We took key components of the program and are looking to create a shortened more focused program around career readiness in the future.

We appreciate your interest and at this time ask that you stay connected via our newsletter for additional updates.

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Fellowship previously part of our Access pillar is ending as of January 2024. Fellowship - An immersive 8-month fellowship program, offering talented young BIPOC professionals the opportunity to gain professional experience in a marketing and advertising work environment.


To better align with our mission at scale and to fulfill our vision of people of color launching and sustaining careers in workplaces of inclusivity and belonging.


- Simplify our program offerings with a focus on the most impactful programs and partnerships.

- Restructure the organization with a Center of Excellence model that establishes implementation standards and drives organizational-wide program delivery.