Gloria Makori

My name is Gloria Makori. I am a first generation Kenyan American born and raised in Bloomington, MN. I received my B.S. in Technology and Design, with a concentration in Artisan Studies at Berea College. I am very passionate about art and technology which is why I’m interested in digital design. For fun, I love to watch thunderstorms, cook, do handy work, watch sentimental videos, and ride my bike.

What I’d like to get out of this fellowship is guidance, skills, experience, and growth. I know that in order to grow, I have to unlearn some things and relearn others. I would also like to develop relationship skills when it comes to networking. I’d like to make long term networks.

Within this industry, I hope to continue growing in the creative field and taking on different positions. At the end of the day, I would like to be a creative director and to publish my own animation or book

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