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Here is some helpful information about The BrandLab's Job Board. Please email if we haven't answered your question or if you need further assistance.

Why did we create our job board?
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“Where do we find diverse talent?,” is a question we hear often from our partners.  This job board is our response. You can post a job and find your talent right here!  The job board is a tool for both organizations and individuals– a consolidated and industry-specific space to match talent to roles. The BrandLab’s mission is to provide access to opportunities and we couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for wanting to post with us!

Who will be using this job board?
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Any organization with employment and internship opportunities focused on marketing/ advertising are welcome to post jobs! It is available to the public as well as our students and alumni to apply.

How are the order of the postings organized on the page?
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If you’re a  partner of The BrandLab, your posting will show up higher on the Job Board page. The rest of the postings are organized in the order they were received. If you are interested in becoming a partner of The Brandlab please reach out to! We’d love for you to join our movement!

Why do we recommend disclosing the salary/ pay rate on a job description?
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Disclosing a pay rate is beneficial all across the board! Offering a range can be helpful for candidates and for your organization. For the candidate, it allows them to determine if the position and pay rate is well-suited for them. For the organization, an ethical range allows you to determine an appropriate pay based on the qualifications and experience of candidates and reduces bias– which we are all about here at TBL!

By disclosing pay rates the industry can counter a common practice in HR  which is to look at the previous salaries of candidates in order to determine what they should be paid. This can lead to economic disadvantages for different people. For instance, paying women less could unintentionally be perpetuated into their new positions. As such, providing a salary range in the job description helps reduce  an organization’s bias in proposing a salary based on the candidate’s previous salaries and the candidate’s identities. Salary transparency is a small but important step to fighting the barriers that exist in making the creative industry more diverse and in turn more amazing.

Beyond the job description, what information should be included?

  1. An Application Deadline
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    The job board automatically sets to expire a job posting in one month, so a deadline is important for accuracy and efficiency. You will receive a warning email a few days before the job posting expires and you may reach out to TBL then to update if needed. However, if you have a deadline in mind before posting, please share it within the job description and The BrandLab will edit the deadline before posting it!
  2. A Diversity and Inclusion Statement
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    We also highly recommend including a Diversity & Inclusion Statement in the description. The BrandLab has received many comments from partners and people of color wanting to know if various organizations value diversity, equity, and inclusion. One simple way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to an inclusive workplace is to share a statement that reflects your organization’s core belief around valuing all people.One of the key pillars at The BrandLab is improving equity within the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our work towards this cause, check out our Fearless Program. We offer workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion. For more info on Fearless reach out to

How do I make changes to a job description?
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You are welcome to make edits to your job description until it has been approved to go live on the site. Once it has been approved you can send us an email at if you’d like to make any changes to the description.

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