Creative Director

Full-time position with SHINEBOX in Minneapolis
Job posted May 10, 2023

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About The Role

We have a few questions.
Do you want to work on entrenching the status quo, or build brands that challenge norms? Do you want to work for an office within a network within a holding company, or a nimble independent agency? Do you want a corporate environment dating to the early aughts, or flexibility and a vibrant social responsibility program? If you answered yes to the second options, then you may be a Shineboxer. Read on.

The Role
You get it. You’re a versatile problem solver, the designer who knows words or the writer who knows design. You believe in strategy with a head full of ideas and a heart for the craft. You immerse yourself in your client’s business and brand—especially their customers, competitors and categories. In another life, you could have been an architect, anthropologist or actor.

You want it. You’re eager to develop the skills of your creative team. You look forward to collaborating with your teammates in strategy and account management. You’re not afraid of complex categories or the hard work of getting to simple ideas. You have a firm grasp of current tools, but you’re curious about new platforms, tools and trends. After all, you are wired for growth, not to be fixed.

Some of Your Talents
– Fluency in all marketing channels and formats
– Bringing creativity to every project
– Next-level communication skills
– Bilingual in art and science
– Juggling multiple projects
– Emotional intelligence

$130k. The fastest way to equity is pay transparency.

Shine with us.
Introduce yourself, and submit your resume to

Culture and Core Values
We look for culture adds, not culture fits. We’re a safe place to be bold and be you, whatever that identity may be. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is better for each of us and all of us.

That being said, Shineboxers share these core values. They make our workplace and our work stand out.
– Committed to craft.
– Endless curiosity.
– Embrace bold moves.
– Results matter.
– Free beer. No assholes.

The perks of being a Shineboxer:
– Work where you want: home, away from home, in the office
– Unlimited PTO
– Paid family leave
– Complete health benefits including medical, dental, mental health and vision
– 401(k), disability insurance, life insurance, and flexible spending account plans
– Paid parking and dog-friendly North Loop office


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