Digital Content Creator

Full-time position with Veterans Community Project in Kansas City – in-person position
Job posted May 29, 2024

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About The Role

The Digital Content Creator has a big job–shaping how people see us online. They’re the ones who create the engaging and inspiring content you see across our digital channels. From developing a cohesive strategy for our national social media presence to teaming up with other departments to run impactful campaigns, they’re in the thick of it. Plus, they will help crunch the numbers to make sure we’re on target.

They are our wordsmiths, fine tuning our voice in everything from brochures to blog posts, emails to videos. They’re not just about words, they’re all about visuals too. Whether it’s making graphics, editing photos, or producing videos, they’re creating engaging, consistent content on every platform, making sure our brand’s personality shines through loud and clear. We’re looking for someone passionate about our mission who is ready to roll up their sleeves to keep it going strong. This is an in-person position.


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