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Full-time position with Imagine Deliver in Minneapolis, MN
Job posted November 13, 2023

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About The Role


A consulting firm for the ‘new majority,’ Imagine Deliver helps clients activate insights and strategies that benefit everyone. Imagine Deliver knows that the best systems, services, and products are designed by the people who use them. Focused on equity-centered service design — and rooted in community-based research and creative engagement methodologies — Imagine Deliver connects the most relevant community insights to their clients’ strategic goals. Recent clients include Hennepin Healthcare, United Healthcare, McKnight Foundation, Wilder Foundation, University of Minnesota, and City of Saint Paul.

As a Digital Strategist at Imagine Deliver, you transcend the ordinary, speaking the language of the digital world in a way that captivates and connects. Your role is a fusion of expertise and creativity, where you craft purposeful online relationships and produce prolific, creative, compelling, and digestible content that resonates with our audience. You are the storyteller, the visionary, and the creator of content that doesn’t just engage but sparks understanding. Your gift lies in translating complex concepts into common language, making our mission of rebuilding a world for everyone come to life.

Role Overview

You’re a dynamic Digital Strategist who thrives in the fast-paced world of online organizing and community-building. Crafting digital strategies is second nature to you, and you’re equally adept at weaving a vibrant network in the digital space. Your content isn’t just informative; it’s a catalyst for engagement, community-building, and action, inspiring fresh perspectives and decisive steps. Your strategies are not only well-crafted but visually captivating, thanks to your keen eye for design. You’re not just managing digital initiatives; you’re launching them to success, ensuring that every piece of content and every digital campaign not only aligns with but propels our movement, lifting it to new heights with every interaction. Reporting to the Head of Growth and Operations, you’re a visionary in digital storytelling, skilled at simplifying complex concepts into common language, amplifying our mission with every click, like, and share.

Key Responsibilities

• Digital Community Cultivation: Cultivate and nurture our digital community, weaving a strong network of engaged advocates.
• Engaging Content Strategy: Develop and execute a dynamic content strategy that sparks meaningful engagement and interaction within our online audience.
• Impactful Campaign Creation: Lead the creation and execution of captivating online campaigns that fuel our movement.
• Compelling Content Production: Craft visually compelling, digestible content that simplifies complex ideas into common language for our online community.
• Strategic Digital Leadership: Develop and execute digital strategies that amplify our mission, elevate our online presence, and foster growth.
• Podcast Management: Plan, produce, and oversee our podcast content to align with our messaging and engage our target audience effectively.
• Product Launch Leadership: Strategically plan and execute product launches from our content platform, ensuring effective timing and marketing to our audience.
• E-Learning Tools Promotion: Develop and implement marketing strategies for our e-learning tools to drive engagement and adoption among our target users.

As the Digital Strategist, this is what your role looks like…

• Strategic Digital Leadership: You will lead the charge in developing and executing a comprehensive digital strategy that aligns seamlessly with Imagine Deliver’s mission and growth objectives.
• Community Building & Network Weaving: Your focus will be on nurturing our online community, weaving a tight-knit network of highly engaged individuals who share our vision of a world designed for everyone.
• Content Production & Curation: You’ll be a prolific producer of engaging, digestible content that resonates with our audience. This content will not only inform but inspire action, translating complex ideas into common language.
• Campaign Innovation: As a creative genius, you’ll pioneer groundbreaking online campaigns that set new industry standards. Your campaigns will not just be memorable but transformational, driving our growth and impact.
• Podcast Production: You’ll take charge of podcast production, harnessing the power of this medium to reach and engage our audience effectively.
• Product Launches & E-Learning Marketing: You’ll orchestrate product launches from our content platform and spearhead marketing efforts for our e-learning tools, ensuring they reach and benefit our community.
• Aesthetic Excellence: Every piece of content and campaign you oversee will meet the highest standards of design, enhancing their appeal and effectiveness.

In this role, you’ll be the architect of our online movement, a digital visionary who empowers others to join the cause. You’ll measure success not just in numbers but in the positive impact we create in the world. Your work will bring our mission to life in the digital sphere, making it accessible and relatable to all who encounter it.

This role is further broken down as follows…

• 35% Digital Strategy Execution: You’re the driving force behind executing our digital strategy, weaving our network, and building a vibrant online community.
• 25% Content Production & Curation: Your creative genius shines as you produce and curate content that engages and resonates with our audience, all while staying true to our voice.
• 15% Community Engagement: You’re at the forefront of building our online community, fostering connections, and amplifying our movement.
• 15% Campaign Innovation: You craft and execute innovative campaigns that set new standards in our field, driving growth and social impact.
• 10% Product Launches & E-Learning Marketing: You lead the marketing efforts for our product launches and e-learning tools, ensuring they reach our target audience effectively.

The Details

Equitable salary and benefits. We are committed to fair compensation, pay equity, and salary transparency. This role is a full-time salaried position.

• Base salary
> This role, at this level, is ranged from $60,000 to $80,000 in yearly base salary.
• Bonus structure
> Sales Bonus — Imagine Deliver offers a growth incentive to all team members.
> Annual Bonus — This role is subject to a 10% annual bonus depending upon firm profitability and annual revenue targets.
• Benefits
> Imagine Deliver offers competitive benefits, such as gender-inclusive healthcare, dental, and 401K.
• Time away from work
> We balance the demands of our growing company with generous paid time off.
• Flexibility
> We operate in a hybrid space, and we’ll provide you with the equipment and tools you need to thrive in a hybrid work environment.

We have the best clients (and the most exciting projects). Our ideal customers are bold intersectional leaders ready to take risks and transform their fields of work. That means the logos are great, but our clients also become friends along the way.

We support your intentional growth. We’ll give you all the credit for every bit of work you do at Imagine Deliver. You’ll sometimes find that we don’t have all the answers, and we welcome you to suggest and create solutions. You can stack your resume in a short amount of time. We won’t limit you by your job description. We want to see you thrive here and everywhere you go. You’ll build your network and the company’s network while you’re with us.

We invest in your development. Imagine Deliver will invest in your growth with a professional development budget, which you can use on coaching, training, and learning opportunities aligned with your goals.


• 3-5 years of experience in digital strategy, online community management, or a related field
• Strong writing skills with the ability to distill complex ideas into common language
• Adept at building and engaging online communities
• Proven track record of executing successful digital campaigns
• Proficiency in social media platforms and internet culture
• Ability to work independently and take ownership of projects
• Strong organizational and time management skills
• Comfortable with ambiguity and able to adapt to a fast-paced environment
• Basic knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods
• Driver’s license and access to transportation for occasional travel
• Passion for Imagine Deliver’s mission of building an inclusive world through digital organizing and storytelling

How to Apply

Write us an email introducing yourself — with “Your Name, Digital Strategist / SO” in the subject line to reflect the Soladay Olson connection. Make sure you…

• Tell us about how you live Imagine Deliver’s values.
• Share why you’d be a culture add in this role.
• Include a link to your up-to-date LinkedIn profile (or a 1-page resume).
• Share a piece of creative work that you produced end-to-end. (It should be something you’re really proud of!)
• Identify your salary request.

Send these materials to our search manager at as soon as possible, and preferably by November 15, 2023. Interviews will take place on a rolling basis. Anticipated start date: Mid December 2023.

This role might be for you if…

• You excel in the digital realm, navigating the online landscape with ease.
• Crafting compelling content and engaging with online communities is second nature to you.
• You thrive in a fast-paced environment, adapting quickly to change.
• Your writing is not only informative, but also inspires action.
• You’re a creative thinker who can turn complex ideas into easily digestible content.
• Being a part of a movement to build a more inclusive world excites and motivates you.
• You have a knack for innovation and enjoy coming up with fresh campaign ideas.
• Taking ownership of your work and delivering results is a core part of your work ethic.
• You’re comfortable with ambiguity and enjoy the challenge of untangling complexity.
• Basic research methods and data analysis are tools in your kit.
• You possess great production skills, including audio, video, and design.

This role might not be for you if…

• You prefer working in isolation and are not inclined to collaborate closely with team members.
• You are comfortable with maintaining the status quo and resist exploring innovative approaches.
• You are unwilling to adapt to a dynamic business environment.
• Self-direction and taking initiative are not natural tendencies for you.
• You require a rigidly structured workload and find flexibility challenging.
• Trying new strategies and experimenting with creative ideas is not appealing to you.
• You are resistant to leveraging data for insights and improvements.
• You prefer a highly structured and predictable work environment.

At Imagine Deliver, we seek individuals who thrive in a dynamic and innovative environment; embrace complexity, adapt to change, value collaboration, and are open to feedback and continuous learning; champion equity, justice, and belonging; and appreciate the collective impact of their work.

In this role, success means…

• Driving growth and impact by executing highly effective digital strategies that expand our online presence and community.
• Creating and curating compelling content that resonates with our audience and inspires action.
• Fostering a vibrant online community and nurturing strong relationships with our followers.
• Innovating and executing campaigns that set new standards in our field, resulting in increased engagement and growth.
• Successfully launching and marketing products and e-learning tools that contribute to our mission.
• Demonstrating exceptional skills in digital production, including audio, video, and design.
• Adapting to a dynamic business environment and embracing new challenges with resilience and creativity.
• Continuously leveraging data insights to refine strategies and drive improvement.

Diverse Teams Innovate

A certified woman-owned business and a registered B-Corp, Imagine Deliver is actively dedicated to the local community, serving 80% local and independent clients, giving 20% of services away pro bono, and donating 10% of annual profits to nonprofit organizations led by Indigenous, Black, and People of Color working in their communities to advance equity and justice. Imagine Deliver champions the talent of intersectional teams because we know (and the data shows) that diverse groups of people innovate when they work together with intention. We live out that value in our own work by creating a professional environment that welcomes, celebrates, and invests in people who bring different perspectives and plural identities to the work. It starts at the top. We’re a woman, Muslim, and person of color-owned business, and for years our founders experienced work environments that weren’t designed for people with intersectional identities. We’re changing that with our consulting firm by valuing potential candidates for their lived experiences as much as their college degree, by giving staff unlimited paid time off to take care of themselves and observe the holidays they celebrate, and by creating intentional space to unpack — and unlock — our differences together. By leaning into our diverse team’s intersections, we unleash original thinking and design elegant solutions and strategies that give our clients a competitive edge.

Imagine Deliver is deeply committed to principles of equity, justice, and belonging — and to providing our teams with an affirming work environment free of discrimination. All employment decisions at Imagine Deliver are based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to age, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexuality, gender identity, size, ability, family structure, parental status, or any other identity.

We look forward to getting acquainted with you!


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