Director of Finance and Administration

Full-time position with The BrandLab in Minneapolis
Job posted August 24, 2023

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About The Role

The BrandLab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the Midwest with offices in Minneapolis, MN, Milwaukee, WI, and Kansas City, MO, introducing exciting training and connecting young people ages 15-25 to careers in the marketing and advertising industry. 

Our offices are unique because each of our three locations resides inside a marketing or advertising agency. These agencies provide our team with office space, basic infrastructure, and support for The BrandLab for a minimum of one year to ensure The BrandLab is supported by a broad-based coalition and not only one agency. In addition, this unique approach to office space helps us create strong community support for our mission to benefit the industry and provides our team with a bright, lively work environment – that often hosts free food and lots of fun. 

Since 2009, The BrandLab has worked towards creating a more equitable and inclusive industry. The BrandLab works to change the industry by introducing and connecting young people who identify as a person of color to opportunities in the creative and marketing space. Additionally, we work with the industry to create more inclusive and equitable work environments so individuals can feel a sense of belonging and thrive once they arrive. 


We envision People of Color launching sustainable careers in workplaces of inclusivity and belonging. 


To change the face and voice of the marketing and advertising industry. 

Core Values 

Our core values are written as action words. We don’t believe in ‘culture fit’ but look for all team members to actively embrace and work to embody these values. 

Job Summary 

This position will report to the Chief Executive Officer and will be a critical member of the organization’s leadership team. The Director of Finance and Administration directly oversees the organization’s Accounting, Human Resources, and IT departments. Additionally, they will contribute to strategy development in partnership with the leadership team, Board of Directors, and finance committee. This role is vital for supporting the leadership team, the organizational culture, and telling The BrandLab story through numbers and impact. 

Accounting (Primary Responsibility) 

Oversees and/or performs all day‐to‐day accounting /Finance functions, including: 

Human Resources (Secondary Responsibility) 

General Office and Information Technology (Tierchiary Responsibility) 



Salary range & location 


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