Freelance Student Photographer

Freelance / Contract / Temporary position with Bader Rutter in Milwaukee
Job posted October 13, 2023

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About The Role

Bader Rutter is looking for a star Photography Major that wants to get exposure to client work and the pace and expectation of an ad agency here in Milwaukee.

Infrastructure, lights, and studio space would all be provided. We also have a Canon R3 with lenses that could be used if needed.

You would work alongside the Executive Producer on projects that could encompass in-studio, tabletop shoots capturing client work to be used in agency promotional materials, new business, and social media.

This is a freelance position with hours that will vary as projects come up. Most of the shooting will occur in the agency photo studio located in Milwaukee, WI. Huge opportunity to bring fresh ideas and to pursue some cool art direction activity to help build your portfolio. We are very flexible on rates and it depends on experience.


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