Graphic Design Associate

Full-time position with Mueller Communications in Milwaukee
Job posted February 9, 2023

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About The Role

We’re looking for graphic design talent to complement our team of innovative problem-solvers who can apply creative concepts and visual perspective to our communications campaigns. Candidates must display advanced skills in the Adobe Creative Suite and proficiency in other design tools. Website and video editing skills preferred.

Showcase a strong knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, etc. and website platforms like WordPress, Wix, etc
Display exceptional technical skills such as spatial awareness, designing with proper proportions and a commitment to being detail-oriented
Demonstrate a high level of competence with production design skills, including accuracy with project edits, consistency with repeating layouts and typefaces, cascading design elements through established creative templates and “cleaning” any outstanding projects that need finalizing
Work to develop creativity and originality in design
Gain and show confidence in presenting and explaining ideas
Be helpful as an “on deck” team member, supporting other members of the design team by stepping in and helping finish other projects, or executing production needs and/or deliveries
Be curious, grow skills and keep current with design trends by seeking out professional development opportunities

Prepare for client meetings by determining and executing duties as assigned, which might include research, agenda preparation, taking meeting notes and providing meeting recaps/summaries
Work with team to ensure that any work product or communication going to clients/vendors is proofed and error free
Demonstrate professionalism in working with outside vendors and media in outreach, ordering, follow up, execution and project recap logistics as needed or assigned

Deliver high quality drafts on time and within budget by utilizing available templates as well as internal editing/proofing resources
Respond affirmatively to confirm you received a project and can complete by deadline
Demonstrate confidence in asking your project team leaders for help prioritizing if you can’t meet deadlines
Adopt Asana adding personal and team tasks
Actively participate in weekly account staff meeting
Participate in best practice discussions, brainstorms, Lunch and Learns, Meet the Media, book clubs and other professional development opportunities

To be considered, please submit (or provide a link to) a resume, design samples or portfolio website and references.

This position offers a competitive salary, and full benefits including PTO, insurance, retirement benefits and other company perks.


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