Paid Media Analyst

Full-time position with Voro in Minneapolis
Job posted May 13, 2024

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About The Role

Paid Media Analyst
Full-time, Non-exempt

At Voro, we ask tough questions that data can answer, validate that data, and present meaningful insights that drive positive human experiences. Our people are what set us apart. We’re a team of strategic thinkers with technical expertise who solve complex business challenges. Our clients rely on us to provide insightful solutions and develop digital strategies that drive real growth. Our approach is centered around our belief that every challenge should be addressed with the user in mind.

You love using data to tell a story and generating positive change with data-driven observations. There are many resources rich with data. Your job is to verify and interpret our client’s data to uncover insights that drive business growth and enable our clients to make smart marketing decisions. You are not afraid to be wrong, but you do fear inaccuracy.

You will be in good company. You will work alongside industry experts with multiple teammates contributing to your individual growth. You will actively participate with teams and clients. You will communicate your findings and have an opinion. You will ask questions and anticipate the next one. You will develop a meaningful toolkit of skills around collaboration, communication, storytelling, and, most importantly, client service. We invest heavily in your development and provide you with actionable and consistent feedback to support you along the way.

– Execute paid digital media campaigns for a variety of clients through various search, video, display, and social media platforms collaborating with an internal client team of skilled digital marketers while also being able to move tasks forward independently.
– Manage the intricacies of multiple paid digital media platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager, to name a few.
– Support the entire lifecycle of campaign execution from research to optimization and maintenance.
– Uncover insight in data using the tools within each publisher and Google Analytics and performing additional ad hoc analysis in Excel and through our data warehouse.
– Connect day-to-day production responsibilities with your client’s business goals by supporting the creation of reports and PowerPoint presentations.
– Build your awareness of measuring the effectiveness of client campaigns through tools like Google Tag Manager to set up tracking, Google Tag Assistant to debug tags, and Google Analytics to understand and interpret results.
– Collaborate across departments; paid media, SEO, analytics, and business intelligence to help enact the best solution for our clients.
– Showcase your curiosity by immersing yourself in the world of digital marketing, always learning and rising to new challenges.
– Build foundational communication skills and grow your client service skills. Ensure deliverables meet timelines and standards, surfacing observations from the data on calls

If reading about Voro and this job excited you, apply!

Instead of “annual salary”, we pay employees by the hour. We start all new Paid Media Analyst hires at an hourly rate of $22.12/hr (or ~$46,000 in annualized salary).

Paying you an hourly wage means that for non-exempt roles, like this one, when the occasional but inevitable big week occurs and you find yourself with a workload north of 40 hours, you earn overtime for each hour worked over 40 (1.5x your hourly rate). This is one of many unique ways that we value our employee’s time.


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