Performance Marketing Intern

Internship position with broadhead in Minneapolis
Job posted February 16, 2024

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About The Role

You’re naturally curious, and aren’t afraid to ask “why?” or “how?” You want to be able to drive conversations about what makes a website “good” and how to improve where clients’ websites are showing up (no one wants to be on the second page of Google search results). Audience strategy excites you, and you want to learn how to reach the right people with the right message across paid social, YouTube ads and beyond. You’re ambitious and have a passion for learning more about the digital ad space while keeping your finger on the pulse of digital trends and the latest algorithm updates. You’re somehow both left and right-brained – thinking creatively while applying logic and analytics to decision making. You’re organized, have a strong attention to detail, and have a willingness to learn new things.

What you’ll do:
Collaborate with the performance marketing team to assist with work across paid social, Google Ads, SEO and beyond
Utilize tools such as SEMrush and Similarweb to report SEO findings and learn how to make recommendations to improve site performance
Analyze campaign performance and understand how to optimize performance to drive client business objectives
Build audiences across platforms with guidance from the performance marketing lead
Update paid social campaign documents
Check Google Ad campaign performance and make optimizations with guidance from the performance marketing lead
Perform other duties as assigned

Traits for success:
Effective communication skills
Passionate about digging deep into the numbers to find out what drive performance
Excellent time-management skills
A willingness to try new things and a curiosity that drives you to want to learn more
Added bonuses (if you’re an overachiever):
An SEO certification (HubSpot, SEMrush, etc.)
Google Analytics or Google Ads certification
Knowledge of a social ad platform(s)


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