Senior Content & Marketing Strategist, Imagine Deliver (hybrid)

Full-time position with Imagine Deliver in Minneapolis, MN
Job posted November 13, 2023

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About The Role


A consulting firm for the ‘new majority,’ Imagine Deliver helps clients activate insights and strategies that benefit everyone. Imagine Deliver knows that the best systems, services, and products are designed by the people who use them. Focused on equity-centered service design — and rooted in community-based research and creative engagement methodologies — Imagine Deliver connects the most relevant community insights to their clients’ strategic goals. Recent clients include Hennepin Healthcare, United Healthcare, McKnight Foundation, Wilder Foundation, University of Minnesota, and City of Saint Paul.

At Imagine Deliver, we’re seeking a Senior Content & Marketing Strategist who is more than a marketer; you’re a hands-on leader and a driving doer. You’re here to build and drive a design movement that centers the voices of those who have been pushed to the margins. You’re a strategic leader who doesn’t just plan but executes, transforming insights into action and inspiration.

Role Overview

You’re a hands-on strategic leader who excels when the tempo is high and the challenges are ever-changing. You’re as comfortable crafting a growth marketing campaign as you are leading a team meeting. Your writing doesn’t just inform; it inspires action and change, making people think and act differently. Your campaigns are visually stunning, thanks to your keen eye for design. You’re not just overseeing projects; you’re driving them to completion, ensuring every piece of content and every campaign not only meets but exceeds our strategic objectives. Reporting to the Head of Growth and Operations, you’re a thought leader in narrative change, and adept at untangling complexity to make meaning out of intricate ideas and insights.

Key Responsibilities

• Strategic Leadership & Execution: Develop and hands-on execute a comprehensive content and marketing strategy that aligns with Imagine Deliver’s mission and growth targets.
• Narrative Change & Thought Leadership: Drive narrative change through thought leadership development, transforming complex insights into actionable and inspiring thought capital.
• Creative Campaign Building & Implementation: Design and personally execute groundbreaking growth marketing campaigns that set new standards in our field.
• Empathetic and Inspiring Writing: Craft compelling narratives that not only inform but inspire, turning complex topics into relatable stories.
• Aesthetic Excellence: Ensure that all content and campaigns meet the highest standards of design, enhancing their impact and memorability.

As the Senior Content & Marketing Strategist, this is what your role looks like…

• Strategizing for Impact: Lead Imagine Deliver’s content strategy by applying narrative change techniques and digital organizing skills to create compelling, action-driven content.
• Content Creation & Thought Leadership: Produce original content across multiple platforms — website, learning platforms, newsletters, social media, white papers, podcasts, and blog posts. Collaborate with the Managing Director and research and consulting teams to spearhead the creation of thought capital.
• Innovation in Thought Capital: Develop and launch new avenues for thought capital, such as webinars, podcasts, and learning tools, and ensure their wide public dissemination.
• Data-Driven Insights: Mine data to produce fresh learning and insights that inform our content and marketing strategies.
• Narrative Crafting for Equity: Create compelling presentation narratives that translate equity-centered insights into client strategies.
• Project Management Excellence: Oversee all project details, track timelines, and ensure that deliverables are completed on time.
• Content Calendar Management: Develop and manage a comprehensive content calendar that aligns with the company’s strategic goals.
• Communication & Social Media: Manage company communications and social media channels, working in partnership with marketing and communications vendors.
• Business Development Support: Actively support business development efforts, including direct email, pipeline development, proposal writing, and delivery.
• Multimedia & Experiential Production: Produce a diverse range of content, from videos and live events to immersive experiences, that align with Imagine Deliver’s mission and engage our target audiences.

This role is further broken down as follows…

• 35% Campaign Execution: From concept to rollout, you’re responsible for campaigns that drive both social impact and business growth.
• 25% Content & Storytelling: You craft narratives and content that not only inform but also inspire action and change.
• 20% Strategy & Management: You lead the planning and coordination, ensuring everything aligns with our broader mission and growth objectives.
• 15% Design & Creative Direction: Your eye for design ensures our campaigns are visually compelling and on-brand.
• 5% Data-Driven Insights: You leverage data to refine our strategies, making sure we’re effective and innovative.

The Details

Equitable salary and benefits. We are committed to fair compensation, pay equity, and salary transparency. This role is a full-time salaried position.

• Base salary
> This role, at this level, is ranged from $70,000 to $90,000 in yearly base salary.
• Bonus structure
> Sales Bonus — Imagine Deliver offers a growth incentive to all team members.
> Annual Bonus — This role is subject to a 10% annual bonus depending upon firm profitability and annual revenue targets.
• Benefits
> Imagine Deliver offers competitive benefits, such as gender-inclusive healthcare, dental, and 401K.
• Time away from work
> We balance the demands of our growing company with generous paid time off.
• Flexibility
> We operate in a hybrid space, and we’ll provide you with the equipment and tools you need to thrive in a hybrid work environment.

We have the best clients (and the most exciting projects). Our ideal customers are bold intersectional leaders ready to take risks and transform their fields of work. That means the logos are great, but our clients also become friends along the way.

We support your intentional growth. We’ll give you all the credit for every bit of work you do at Imagine Deliver. You’ll sometimes find that we don’t have all the answers, and we welcome you to suggest and create solutions. You can stack your resume in a short amount of time. We won’t limit you by your job description. We want to see you thrive here and everywhere you go. You’ll build your network and the company’s network while you’re with us.

We invest in your development. Imagine Deliver will invest in your growth with a professional development budget, which you can use on coaching, training, and learning opportunities aligned with your goals.


• 6-8 Years of Multifaceted Experience: You bring a wealth of experience from high-stakes consulting, marketing agencies, or fast-paced startup environments. Your background demonstrates a blend of creativity, strategy, and execution.
• Strategic Impact Driver: You’re adept at turning social justice principles into actionable business strategies. You’re not just a thinker; you’re a doer who drives both mission and revenue.
• Proven Leadership & Project Management: Your portfolio showcases your ability to lead teams and manage complex projects from inception to completion. You’re as comfortable with a Gantt chart as you are with a creative brief.
• Valid Driver’s License and Reliable Transportation: You have the means to travel as needed for client meetings, events, and other business-related activities.

How to Apply

Write us an email introducing yourself — with “Your Name, Sr Content & Marketing Strategist / SO” in the subject line to reflect the Soladay Olson connection. Make sure you…

• Tell us about how you live Imagine Deliver’s values.
• Share why you’d be a culture add in this role.
• Include a link to your up-to-date LinkedIn profile (or a 1-page resume).
• Share a piece of creative work that you produced end-to-end. (It should be something you’re really proud of!)
• Identify your salary request.

Send these materials to our search manager at as soon as possible, and preferably by November 15, 2023. Interviews will take place on a rolling basis. Anticipated start date: Mid December 2023.

This role might be for you if…

• You embrace Imagine Deliver’s core values: We Win Together, Action is Everything, Genius Surrounds Us, It’s Beautiful Every Time, and Bold Intersectional Leadership. These values are deeply ingrained in your approach, driving your commitment to collaborative success, taking decisive action, fostering a culture of excellence, recognizing and harnessing collective brilliance, and championing bold and inclusive leadership.
• You possess a growth mindset: You have an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for learning. Eager to explore new ideas, you fearlessly share your insights and welcome diverse perspectives. Your resilience fuels your determination to overcome obstacles and achieve breakthrough results. Embracing new challenges invigorates you, and you proactively seek opportunities to stretch your capabilities.
• You embody leadership and action: A natural leader, you inspire others through your proactive approach, accountability, and ability to drive results. You consistently lead by example, paying meticulous attention to detail, and delivering exceptional outcomes. Your bias for action propels you to take ownership, seizing opportunities, and executing with excellence.
• You foster a positive and collaborative team environment: Your ability to motivate and uplift others is rooted in your positive mindset, strong interpersonal skills, and genuine care for the well-being of your team. You foster an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute their best. Celebrating collective achievements and creating a sense of belonging are second nature to you.
• You thrive in ambiguity and embrace change: As an agile and adaptable professional, you excel in navigating complex and uncertain situations. Change invigorates you, and you swiftly adapt to new circumstances, leveraging them as opportunities for growth and innovation. Your resilience and ability to ask insightful questions help bring clarity and direction to your team.

This role might not be for you if…

• You thrive in rigid structures and prefer working within predefined boundaries, as Imagine Deliver values innovative thinking and the ability to navigate ambiguity.
• You prefer ‘black and white’ solutions and struggle with embracing complexity, while our organization encourages individuals who can think critically and navigate nuanced situations.
• You are resistant to change and reluctant to adapt, whereas Imagine Deliver embraces change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.
• You prioritize individual achievements over collaborative teamwork, while we value a culture of collaboration and collective power.
• You resist feedback and are not open to continuous learning and improvement, while we believe in the power of critique and a growth mindset.
• You struggle to embrace equity, justice, and belonging, whereas we actively work towards creating a diverse and intersectional organization.
• You prefer a highly structured and defined work environment, whereas Imagine Deliver values flexibility, collaboration, and iteration.
• You may not find this role fulfilling if you are not comfortable with taking ownership and proactively seeking solutions when faced with challenges. At Imagine Deliver, we value individuals who demonstrate resilience and accountability, approaching obstacles with a proactive mindset and a focus on finding effective solutions.

At Imagine Deliver, we seek individuals who thrive in a dynamic and innovative environment; embrace complexity, adapt to change, value collaboration, and are open to feedback and continuous learning; champion equity, justice, and belonging; and appreciate the collective impact of their work.

In this role, success means…

• Leading by example and driving results: You inspire your team through your strong leadership skills, setting high standards and fostering a culture of accountability and excellence. Your ability to motivate others and achieve tangible outcomes is a testament to your effective leadership style.
• Communicating with impact and influence: You possess exceptional communication skills, both in writing and speaking. You convey ideas and information clearly, persuasively, and confidently. Your ability to articulate complex concepts in a compelling manner enables you to influence others and gain their support.
• Building strong relationships and collaborations: You excel at developing and nurturing relationships with clients, team members, and partners. Your ability to connect with people, understand their needs, and collaborate effectively enables you to build strong, productive partnerships that drive success.
• Driving strategic thinking, innovation, and revenue diversification: You have a strategic mindset and a knack for identifying opportunities and addressing challenges. Your ability to think critically and creatively allows you to develop innovative solutions, strategies, and business models that contribute to revenue growth and diversification. You actively seek opportunities to structure new revenue streams and expand the organization’s offerings.
• Empowering and developing team members: You are passionate about developing talent and empowering your team members to reach their full potential. Your effective coaching and mentorship contribute to the growth and professional development of your team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and achievement.
• Delivering exceptional results through effective project leadership and management: You have a strong track record of successfully managing projects, ensuring deliverables are met on time and within budget. Your exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to prioritize enable you to navigate complex projects and achieve outstanding outcomes.

Success in this role is defined by your ability to lead, communicate, build relationships, drive innovation and revenue diversification, empower team members, and deliver exceptional results through effective project management. Your strong leadership and management skills, combined with your strategic mindset and creative approach, will allow you to make a significant impact on the organization’s growth, success, and ability to create new revenue streams.

Diverse Teams Innovate

A certified woman-owned business and a registered B-Corp, Imagine Deliver is actively dedicated to the local community, serving 80% local and independent clients, giving 20% of services away pro bono, and donating 10% of annual profits to nonprofit organizations led by Indigenous, Black, and People of Color working in their communities to advance equity and justice. Imagine Deliver champions the talent of intersectional teams because we know (and the data shows) that diverse groups of people innovate when they work together with intention. We live out that value in our own work by creating a professional environment that welcomes, celebrates, and invests in people who bring different perspectives and plural identities to the work. It starts at the top. We’re a woman, Muslim, and person of color-owned business, and for years our founders experienced work environments that weren’t designed for people with intersectional identities. We’re changing that with our consulting firm by valuing potential candidates for their lived experiences as much as their college degree, by giving staff unlimited paid time off to take care of themselves and observe the holidays they celebrate, and by creating intentional space to unpack — and unlock — our differences together. By leaning into our diverse team’s intersections, we unleash original thinking and design elegant solutions and strategies that give our clients a competitive edge.

Imagine Deliver is deeply committed to principles of equity, justice, and belonging — and to providing our teams with an affirming work environment free of discrimination. All employment decisions at Imagine Deliver are based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to age, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexuality, gender identity, size, ability, family structure, parental status, or any other identity.

We look forward to getting acquainted with you!


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