Summer Intern: Strategist

Internship position with SixSpeed in Minneapolis
Job posted February 6, 2023

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About The Role

Our Strategy Intern will harness observation, research, and insight to help our clients better understand their brand, their industry, and their audiences. You’ll go deep into a client’s universe and climb out with a new way of seeing their business and accomplishing their goals. Strategy works with Account to better understand a client’s needs and with Creative to help land impactful ideas. You’ll use the tools of your trade to:

Be curious, ask “why,” and then search for an answer
Research the brands we work with and their competitors
Identify cultural and community trends
Understand audiences and what they care about, and inform how, when, and where to best reach them
Learn how to identify a strategic insight

We’re driven. We’re spontaneous. We’re positive. We’re curious. And we don’t like formulaic anything. SixSpeed is a place fully-stocked with people who break the mold that found a way to band together. We embrace risk, and we will empower you to be everything you can be.


Our Summer Internships will start in June and run for 10 weeks.

To be considered for any internship with SixSpeed, complete this application and mail us a sticker that you find interesting or that represents a piece of who you are. Include a brief note with your reasoning. We’ll add the sticker to our office sticker wall, making your mark on SixSpeed forever. Tag us on social if you document throwing that sucker in the mail, too!

All Internship Applications and Stickers Are Due March 9th.

Address Stickers to: SixSpeed Sticker Wall 4828 West 35th Street Minneapolis, MN 55416


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