Saara Geilani

My name is Saara Geilani and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota. I pursued a degree in Applied Business and Strategic Communications: Advertising and Public Relations. During my time at the University of Minnesota, I had the opportunity to learn an immense amount of information when it came to navigating what my interests are. It was also during that time that I discovered that I had a passion for understanding and executing projects while developing new communication strategies when it came to working within a team. While I have maintained great connections and had the ability to work with so many great individuals, I found that I enjoyed formulating and implementing within strategic planning. It is the problem-solving factor, strategic planning, and mobilizing the resources around me to execute a project that grew my curiosity and passions. I say this all the time but I am an individual who is driven by knowledge and curiosity. I know that knowledge holds great power and it is the key to many opportunities. I constantly want to challenge myself to do better while learning from the people surrounding me. I am a person who doesn’t let the fear of failure stop them but rather sees it as an opportunity to grow.

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