We host Fearless Workshops to help foster diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within organizations.

Marketers are in a unique position of power and influence, and equitable teams create more equitable work. Our Fearless Workshops are designed to help individual organizations create a culture inclusive to all backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

Our Core 4 Workshops

3 Fearless Questions

A Fearless Conversation about race, identity, and inclusion. By bringing together your team to answer The BrandLab's Three Fearless Questions, participants will gain awareness of how lived experiences can shape perception and how workplace culture might place barriers to inclusivity. Our 3 Fearless Questions workshop is an empathy-building entry point into making uncomfortable topics comfortable.

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Words Matter: Intent vs. Impact

The BrandLab will guide a Fearless Conversation about the power of words. Facilitators welcome participants into a safe space to share their identities and experiences. We will explore unconscious biases, how they show up in the workplace, and how they impact marginalized communities. Attendees will practice addressing biases in the workplace and walk away with tools to help create an inclusive and safe culture in the workplace.

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Uncovering and Understanding Privilege

The word 'privilege' can have many negative connotations, but what is it actually and why does it matter in the workplace? Come engage in a workshop led by The BrandLab to uncover our privileges through different activities. We will then reflect on how we can utilize privilege to better our work and better support others. This workshop is intended to build upon previous The BrandLab workshops and will help participants continue to enhance their understanding of identity and become comfortable with discomfort.

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Allies and Accomplices

Allyship is frequently used when discussing the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this workshop, The BrandLab will support and challenge participants to understand the word "ally"--the history and connotation-- and then teach participants how to move from ally to an accomplice. Being an accomplice is to deeply understand that if only a few succeed, no one succeeds; everyone's success and liberation are tied together. Participants will understand how to take the theory into action. This workshop is to be built upon previous workshops.

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Creating Lasting Change

These workshops expand upon our Core 4 Workshops, and tailor learning to your organization’s unique needs.

Unpacking Creative Missteps

We encourage organizations to pair the core 4 Fearless workshops with a workshop focused on the creative space for creative teams.

In this workshop, participants will dive into a Fearless Conversation around the work we produce. While well-intentioned, marketing to diverse audiences and backgrounds can lead to missed opportunities or even destroy a brand's relationship with the consumer without recognizing our biases. Be ready to challenge assumptions and dig deep to connect with target audiences authentically.

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Inclusion for Diversity

We encourage organizations to pair the core 4 Fearless workshops with a workshop designed specifically to provide a safe space for participants who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+, and others.

Most DEI&B workshops are geared toward dominant culture and audiences less intimately familiar with the challenges of being a member of a marginalized community while having to work, live, and operate under systems of oppressive non-inclusion. There is often an expectation that because a person belongs to one or several of these communities, they have the answers. These situations place undue stress and emotional labor on staff members who identify as part of a marginalized community.

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Further with Fearless

This workshop is designed to help individuals and organizations find their DEI&B purpose, build the connection between that purpose and organizational goals, and then clarify ownership around who will do what to turn those goals into action.

Once your organization has committed to the work of DEI&B and completed the Core 4 Fearless workshops, had conversations and begun to make some changes, it’s time to go further with fearless. This workshop will help your organization know your DEI&B purpose and how to implement it so that it is not just broad but deeply integrated into the culture. In this workshop, participants will learn tactics to take their DEI&B efforts to the next level by getting very clear and specific about what your organization's goals and DEI&B purposes are.

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